Erasure Yoga for Striking Workers

Allie Kerper’s erasure poem from the transcript of ‘Yoga for Golfers’ by Yoga with Adriene.

The spine is collapsing.
We’re gonna unravel time.

Tired, rickety,
we need to do this.

Everything under the wrists,
tension in belly.

Deep breath, drop the Earth
and look forward.

Exhale, claw into the base.
Up sweet spine, turn left,

find a rock.
Reach up in the air.

Take more time.
Needle the dinosaurs.

You want your mind
working for you.

Redundant hands
fold the mountain,

flow blood up towards the sky:
a little reminder.

We’re here for five, four, three,
repeat the standing.

Knuckles drawn,
imagine beautiful work.

Allie Kerper is an Edinburgh-based poet, editor and emerging trade union activist. She recently published her poetry collection Pale Hairs Reach Between Us.