The Scottish Left Review is an open hearth for discussion and debate about Scotland and the world. It is Scotland’s longest-running radical print magazine, with readers in every corner of the country who are part of many movements for a better world.

Our contributors range from new writers to established authors, forming a growing radical print culture for Scotland and a focal point for thought and discussion for the left.

The magazine was established in 2000 by Jimmy Reid and others to provide a forum for those on the left of all parties and non. It is a non-party, not-for-profit publication, which depends on income from subscriptions, adverts, and donations. Please subscribe today or donate whatever you can afford to strengthen Scotland’s culture of radical writing.

In 2006, Scottish Left Review established the Scottish Left Review Press, and in 2011 it also established the Jimmy Reid Foundation. Through challenging times for left politics in Scotland, the magazine has held true to its mission to host respectful and rigorous debate and discussion about radical change and strategies to advance it.

The magazine’s editorial board comprises members from across the broad left in Scotland. It currently consists of:

Pat Kelly (Chair)
Stephen Smellie (Vice Chair)
Bob Thomson
Maggie Chapman
Dexter Govan
Bill Bonnar
Lilian Macer
Bill Ramsay
Gordon Morgan