Contents of Issue 133 Online Supplement

This special online issue, supplementing the printed issue 133, features articles submitted to the magazine during its change in editorial staff, between November 2022 and February 2023. Contributors agreed for them to be printed to coincide with the online publication of the printed March-April issue, despite the delay.

A New Phase of Politics in Scotland – Editorial

Conditions for Change in the Here and Now – Stuart Fairweather

A Workers’ Economy from Canteens to Coffins – Claire Peden

Rally Round the Right to Decide – Frances Curran

The starting gun for a new independence run? – John Dennis

Our Involuntary Union? – Simon Barrow

The multiple morbidities of Scottish democracy – James Mitchell

Private Schools, Rugger, and One of the Boys – Chris Holligan

Dickensian Dining – David McKinstry

Building Leverage for a Wealth Levy – Graham O’Neill

Loss and Damage: A Short History – Ben Wilson

Tipping Point in Palestine – Chris Sutherland

Decieved Into War: Film Review – Jackie Bergson

Rising More Slowly? Book Review – John Wood

On the Road to Relative Decline? Book Review – Mike Danson

Growth in Whose Interest? Book Review – Gordan Morgan