Resistance that beats – to a beat – can be beautiful

Many readers of Scottish Left Review will likely know the Rock Against Racism (RAR) movement intimately— that political and cultural phenomenon played no small part in the movement to defeat the National Front Nazis.

We are the Glasgow branch of Love Music Hate Racism. We stand firmly in the tradition of RAR. We organise gigs, stages at festivals, talks and panel discussions, and we work with other anti-racism organisations to raise money and build the resistance.

We believe music can galvanise a movement and act as an urgent call to arms—that’s why we’ve produced an album featuring the best and brightest acts on the Scottish music scene, united against racism.

The Beautiful Resistance stands for unity, solidarity and justice. It is a loud, proud and unafraid response to a world that is becoming more polarised by the day, and includes spoken word poetry and excerpts from speeches by Black Lives Matter and Stand Up To Racism campaigners.

Music can create joy and stamp out hate. It’s the passing on of old songs and the creation of new ones. It’s sharing what we have in common and celebrating diversity. Sharing music together makes us happy—the anti-thesis to hate. When we are united by joy, it makes it harder for them to divide us. When we stand together in solidarity, we cannot be silenced. This is what our album stands for. This is what The Beautiful Resistance is all about.

Listen and stream until your heart’s content and order your copy here:

Love Music Hate Racism Glasgow (,