A New Scotland: Building an Equal, Fair and Sustainable Society


Foreword Rozanne Foyer

1 Introduction Gregor Gall

2 The structural development of poverty and inequality Carlo Morelli and Gerry Mooney

3 Towards climate justice Mary Church, Niamh McNulty and Eurig Scandrett

4 Neo-liberalism and Scotland George Kerevan

5 Economic democracy and public participation Andrew Cumbers and Robert McMaster

6 Re-thinking public ownership for an independent Scotland Alex de Ruyter and Geoff Whittam

7 Can democracy go hand-in-hand with efficiency? David Erdal and John Bratton

8 Towards an effective right to housing in Scotland Regina Serpa and Emma Saunders

9 Creating a healthier Scotland Iain Ferguson and Gerry McCartney

10 Improving learning: Education after the pandemic Brian Boyd, Larry Flanagan, Henry Maitles and Mary Senior

11 Income, wealth and inequality in Scotland Mike Danson and Francis Stuart

12 Fiscal Policy in Scotland: under devolution and under independence Jim Cuthbert

13 Governing Scotland Robin McAlpine, James Henderson and Claire Bynner

14 Decent work in Scotland – A charter for change Jane Carolan, Ruth Dukes and Eleanor Kirk

15 Alienation and exclusion to empowerment and inclusion? Human rights in Scotland Carole Ewart, Janis McDonald and Sean Whittaker

16 Toward Gender Justice: Enhancing participation, reimagining economics and ending gender-based violence Kirsty Alexander and Jenny Morrison

17 Race and migration in Scotland Gareth Mulvey, Talat Ahmed and Colin Clark

18 Land ownership and community development Mike Danson and Craig Dalzell 

19 Confounding the capitalist car-centric culture Caitlin Doyle Cottrill, Ellie Harrison and David Spaven

20 Leisure and culture Kathryn A. Burnett and Douglas Chalmers

21 Radical Scotland Rory Scothorne and Ewan Gibbs

22 Social democracy and labourism Alex Law and Kenny MacAskill

23 ‘The People’s Parliament’, political classes and ‘the missing Scotland’ Gerry Hassan and Hannah Graham  

24 Community campaigns – the power to change Willie Sullivan, Lynn Henderson, Linda Somerville and Ruth Lightbody

25 Constitutional conundrums: Is there still a third way? Michael Keating

Afterword: From national to local Dave Watson

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