Write with us

The Scottish Left Review is a place for discussion, debate, and dissent about Scotland and the world. To pitch an article or suggest a review, contact the editor, Cailean Gallagher with a brief outline, providing details of the proposal and its rationale.

We publish work by those don’t usually write, as well as acclaimed and established authors. Many contributors have never had their words published anywhere before. You don’t need to be a writer to write. When you join the network of writers and contributors, you will find yourself in the company of people who can offer mentoring, creative guidance, and editorial support.

If you are looking for some guidance to get started writing, you can read what we mean by a review here. Let us know how you want to get involved in strengthening Scotland’s culture of radical writing by emailing the editor: editor [at] scottishleftreview.scot.


The editorial policy, overseen by editorial board, is to publish content which helps develop a consensual radical left agenda. Consequently, we do not publish material which is uncritical, racist, sexist or homophobic. There is no particular editorial line. For example, on the issue of Scottish independence we take no position and open up our pages to arguments from both sides of the debate. Each meeting of the editorial board discusses the theme of the forthcoming issue as well as the off-theme articles.