Web review

Our theme this edition is a comment on the outcome of the General Election – but what do the parties think of their own positions in this regard? Their own web sites give us an insight to their self opinions. Firstly the Lib Dems in Scotland appear to be very pleased at making the world a safe place for bankers again just when the invisible hands had become visible thus making it easier to clamp handcuffs round their wrists. Their Scottish site can be viewed at www.scotlibdems.org.uk.

Scottish Labour (to be found at www.scottishlabour.org.uk/ home) is running a consultation campaign for new ideas and asking for contributions. Being able to track how surfers’ suggestions are dealt with and whether they finally find their way in to policy would be a fine idea. They used to have a system whereby these matters were discussed in public at conference and delegates voted on them. It goes back to Mandelson wanting supporters and not members. He has certainly lost plenty of the latter.

Pleased to note that the SNP has asked me, as visitor to their site, if I’m for or against nuclear weapons. Against of course, but a nice touch – perhaps the Lib Dems should ask us if we are in favour of their capitulation to the Tories? However the SNP appear to be having a problem with its web forums. I wonder why? Keep watching www.snp.org/issues/manifestos/ holyrood and you may, or there again you might not, find out.

The Scottish Greens site has had the courage to engage in a lively ideological argument regards the aftermath of the General Election particularly in relation to the emergency budget. It is to be found at www.scottishgreens.org.uk/news. Then there’s the socialist parties – www.scottishsocialistparty.org and www. solidarityscotland.org. The issues covered are the same but the layout differs. The SSP has loads of reading and Solidarity has the best pictures. What a team they would make. If only someone would start a Relate organisation for political factions.

And so to the Unions. Will the blowing-away of the fetid odours of New Labour put the carters back in charge of the old warhorse? The STUC web site is more operation now than it has been. With greater blog activities from the activists or the reforming of the Scottish shop stewards in to a political force it might provide a few sparks to light the fire. Now there’s a thought. Look to ifitwisnaefortheunion.blogspot.com.