Fifty years since the dream Martin Luther King shared with a nation

Of equality for all and an end to discrimination

As we reflect fifty years later the question we must now ask

Is what progress have we really made in the half century that’s passed?

I have a dream of no poverty or deprivation

An end to prejudice, injustice and discrimination

No abuse or harassment causing devastation

Where challenges to these are not met with confrontation

I have a dream that we’ll rise up in unity

Act like one strong and determined community

Live in a world of equal opportunity

Where progress is anticipated eagerly

I have a dream of access to jobs and employment

Where we are assessed on our achievement

Where those with the power to decide don’t cast judgment

Based on class or gender or age or skin pigment

I have a dream that every one of us each and every day

Will rise up to those blocking us from progressing on our way

That we’ll expose the hypocrites and end the moral decay

Be unrelenting in our pursuit of truth, do not just say

I have a dream that the evil of fascism will be no more

That peace will come and there’ll be an end to illegal war

That the pursuit of justice is not blocked by biased law

And in all we strive for, equality is at the core

I have a dream that our children will be judged on merit

Where irrespective of colour or class they’re given credit

For their skills, ideas and talent, not broken in spirit

That we create a legacy that they’re proud to inherit

I have a dream of free access to education

Where knowledge is not barred due to financial situation

Where we can build a firm and secure foundation

For ourselves, our kin and the next generation

I have a dream of sufficient welfare

Free and accessible healthcare

Of a world that’s equal and fair

Where those who hold the power hear

I have a dream where we’re free to embrace

Our colour, gender, sexuality and race

Where we’re not made to feel out of place

Because of disability, status or face

I have a dream where instead of judging by skin

We live side by side, not like enemies, but kin

Where faith and hope, not hatred and ignorance, win

Where we never stop believing or dreaming

I have a dream that we will always dare

To aspire to and dream of a better world where

The quest for liberty outweighs the fear

Of those who are not brave enough to share

Our dream