Our Friends in Wales

The Scottish Left Review celebrated its 50 issue last issue. In that time we have tried to cover Scottish society, politics and culture from a radical perspective. We are grateful for all the support we have received in Scotland but also for the extent to which we have been able to reach out beyond Scotland. We were therefore delighted when a group of people in Wales contacted us expressing an interest in setting up something equivalent. The first outcome of this is that we are pleased to welcome to the editorial board Leanne Wood who is the Plaid Cymru Wales Assembly member for Wales South Central. Leanne is a socialist activist who is her party’s environment spokesperson and has been an Assembly member since 2003.

It is hoped that soon this will be followed up with the establishment of a Welsh Left Review (or similar), run along the lines of the SLR. At a time when it has never been more important for radicals to reach out to each other, we are enthused by this development and will keep you up to date with developments.