Issue 83 Post Referendum

Issue 83

Contents of this Special Edition

Editorial comment
The referendum result has thrown down a gauntlet to all those involved but how will they respond?

Not Down and Not Out
Nicola Sturgeon
locates the reasons to be cheerful for those in favour of independence despite the referendum result

Independence Deferred
Colin Fox
argues independence has been merely deferred and delayed but cannot be evaded

Out with the Old: In with the New?
Allan Grogan
looks for new beginnings to return to old values

Unions continue to question the Union
Stephen Smellie
argues unions are predisposed to progressive ends and this presents opportunities

Forward to the past and present
Cat Boyd
argues the pro-independence left needs to create a new party

Social democracy not separatism
Neil Findlay and Tommy Kane
argue for a ‘real’ Labour response to the referendum result

More Powers? Yes, but only if you use them – and for progressive ends
Katy Clark
suggests the appetite for social change can be satisfied

Challenges the left can respond to
John Foster
sees hope for the left if adopts the correct strategy to connect with citizens

Remember ‘class over nation’
Stephen Low
argues powers are for a purpose and not an end in themselves

Lessons learnt from the referendum
Richard Leonard
argues for deep-seated change across the whole of Britain after 18 September

A close call and a considerable challenge
John Wight
writes that ‘no’ won in spite of itself but that makes it no easier for the pro-independence left to influence the SNP

Moving forward – promising plenty but with danger of diversions
Grahame Smith
outlines the most likely post-referendum scenario, showing there are opportunities and dangers

Words of Welsh wisdom
Leanne Wood
argues that the September spring of the referendum will lead a new democratic blossoming

Getting a return on our investment
Dave Watson
sees the prospect of a positive outcome for social justice in Scotland

Assessing the campaigns – processes and outcomes
Michael Keating
delves into both the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ campaigns to reveal their contradictions

Post-referendum dialogue on the left needs to start fast
John McDonnell
argues now we have the potential to work together on a unified left agenda

Aye and sí – homage to Caledonia from Catalonia
Anna Arqué
takes inspiration from the process and the outcome

Keeping up the fight against poverty
Peter Kelly and Carla McCormack
call for action in the new post-referendum period towards banishing poverty

Book Review Private Island – why Britain now belongs to someone else by James Meek
Reviewed by Andrew Noble

Web Review
By Henry McCubbin

VLADIMIR McTAVISH’S Kick up the Tabloids

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