Issue 61: Making Change Happen

How Do We Make Change Happen?

In issue 60 of Scottish Left Review we put forward a set of proposals for changing Scotland over the next three years which we called Agenda 15. In this issue we asked a number of people to give us their response to what was in it, including responses from the First Minister, MSPs and PPCs in the up-coming election. We also asked Iain McWhirter to look at whether the left is doing the right things to push an alternative agenda in Scotland. And we outline plans for how Agenda 15 can be pursued over the next four years and not end up as another well-meaning but ineffectual intervention in Scotland. The issue also contains a summary of the proposals in Agenda 15.

In addition:

  • Isobel Lindsay writes about how extremist English university policies are impinging on Scotland
  • We publish one of the last pieces of writing by the late Doug Bain on the future of the left in Scotland
  • Chris Holligan looks at the impact of reputation management
  • Ann Henderson looks at the state of childcare provision in Scotland
  • Gary Fraser looks at what legacy emerges from Blair’s memoirs
  • Gianni Banias tells us about the state of radical politics in Greece

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