Issue 58

In the wake of the scandals at Glasgow City Council Issue 58 of the Scottish Left Review takes a look at the issues facing the governance of our four major cities. The conclusion is that the excessively close relationship between elected officials and leading business figures is harming local democracy in Scotland. Our contributors are:Neil Gray and Leigh French on Glasgow,Peter McColl on Edinburgh, John McAllionon Dundee, John Aberdein on Aberdeen.

Also in this issue: Jim and Margaret Cuthbert look at how PFI costs have been hidden ‘off the books’; Robert Beveridgeexamines the implications of outsourcing ITV news services; Daniel Gray examines the significance of the popular response to the publication of his well-received study of Scots volunteers in the Spanish Civil War; The legacy of the British willingness to use chemical weapons is examined by Mark Hirst; Our continuing look round the world for updates on the politics of countries like Scotland stops in Ireland where Donagh Brennan takes an extended look at the Irish crisis

issue 58