Contents of Issue 133

A Radical Hearth – Editorial

Lessons from Strike Season – Olivia Crook, Lara, Paula Dixon, Amber Ward

Glimmers of a Resurgent Student Movement? – Coll McCail

Poem: Erasure Yoga for Striking Workers – Allie Kerper

The Mythical Separation Between Workers and Public – Roz Foyer

Nourished by Love – Rona Proudfoot

No Routes Left: Striking for Revival in Rural Scotland – Enas Magzoub

Letter from America – Peter Frase

Lettre d’Europe – Paul Malgrati

What Home Can Really Mean – Esmond Sage

Leaving the Jute Mill – James Barrowman

D. C. Thomson, Logan Roy, and the Tyranny of the Tartan Monster – Charlotte Lauder

Jute, Jam and Journalism: when D. C. Thomson Dominated Dundee – Ellie McDonald

Scottish Antifascism in 2023 РEmma Òr

Why Hotel Accommodation? – Pinar Aksu

A Paradigm Shift in Scotland’s Health – People’s Health Movement Scotland

Migration Experiences, New Scots, and the Limits of Civic Nationalism – Quan Nguyen

Kinship in our Damaged Land – Iryna Zamuruieva

Humanity and Hope – Henry Maitles

Imperialism by Stealth – Sean Sheehan

A Kick Up the Tabloids – Vladimir McTavish