Contents of Issue 132

Editorial: The tectonic plates of politics shift again

His and her family firm: Publicly funded pinnacle of inequality in wealth and power Tommy Sheppard

Off with their heids as we keep ours – the unfinished revolution must be finished Bill Bonnar

Subject-ive Questions David McKinstry

Yes, a republic! But what sort of republic? Gregor Gall

The monarchy is not the boon for tourism that it’s made out to be The Republic campaign group

Creating a workers’ economy starts in the workplace Pat Rafferty

Education workers and their unions are arising Mary Senior

There is no just transition without social infrastructure Katie Gallogly-Nelson

Calling out the deadly dinosaurs amongst our own brothers and sisters Stephen Smellie

Not so much of a care service and more of a complete omnishambles Stephen Low

Scotland’s divided health is tantamount to social apartheid   Chris Yuill

The Police Scotland Colombian connection: Can wrong become right? Nick MacWilliam

The Manichaeism reality of Scottish ferries policy Alf Baird

Looking back on the decades David McKinstry

The forgotten village of Tirai (Glen Lochay) Patrick Phillips

Book and film reviews Jackie Bergson, Dexter Govan, Jenni Gunn, Sean Sheehan, Dave Sherry, Stephen Smellie

A Kick up the Tabloids Vladimir McTavish