A Poem

Ranting rydims from Thom Cross

Well frieends, what a hellavah state
Scots Labour done disintegrate!
Labour’s doon tae only wan
So the working class must have its plan
Tae find a voice that is its ain
Yin that disnie carry new Labour’s shame
That fights austerity and the cuts
That disnie double-speak: nae buts!
That disnie blether o’ compromise
O’ class betrayal and Blairight lies
Yet we must act; the time is now.
But who? And what? And why? And how?

Demockracy has worked its tricks
Gin yin party 56
A popular chorus has been sent
Tae sing for ‘us’ in yon Parliament
But heh … yu’z … the 56
What content’s in yer script?
Passionate words ‘bout a ‘new nation state’?
While folk up here have an empty plate
Your struggle to park yer arse
On green benches… a bloody farce
When yer clap gets a firm ‘No thanks!’
Hey! Don’t forgot oor hunger food banks
56 o’ 56, forget the fkn politricks
The Wastemonster feeds on fresh fools
Who forget which class writes the rules.

So meantime, back at oor bit
We are minded where oor poor sit
What is the real street-level condition
In this land o contradiction?
Is life full? Or is life empty?
In this land of poverty and plenty.
We’ve been demandin for lang-ages
Decent jobs and living wages
For hoosies that we can afford
Free fae landlords and the hoard
O’ greed at war wi social need!

Heal the pain o’ folks frustration
In this land a sufferation!
Hey awe yu doon there
Listen tae a lang-sang o’despair
Ignore the Westminster stramash
Defend sovereignty and the working-class!