Issue 63: So much left and nowhere to go

In this issue Kevin Williamson, Gordon Morgan and Robin McAlpine look at the current state of the left in Scotland, and its prospects if any.

First Minister Alex Salmond and Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray respond to Questions posed by Scottish Left Review and Dave Moxton gives a Trade Union view on these.

In other articles: Jim Monaghan examines questions arising from the Sheridans’ trial;  Jim and Margaret Cuthbert look at the Scotland Bill; Mark Hirst looks at how CIA propoganda targets Scottish policies; Leanne Wood on the Welsh referendum.

Our writers are:

  • Mark Serwotka on creating political opposition
  • Martin Sime on the voluntary sector
  • Vince Mills on local government
  • Stephen Smillie on the trade unions in Scotland

In addition:

  • Jim and Margaret Cuthbert deconstruct the Scotland Bill
  • David McVey reveals how M74 promises appear to be being broken
  • Bill Wilson asks why we have been so passive over the horror of Depleted Uranium weapons
  • Hamish Kirk looks at political developments in Bulgaria

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